Private and Secure Landlord Accounting Software is a private and secure landlord accounting software from ClearNow. As accounts can be upgraded to ClearNow accounts (to permit automatic rent collection), the privacy and security standards for accounts are the same as for ClearNow accounts.

ClearNow is committed to safeguarding your privacy and security.

ClearNow does not make any identifiable information available to nonaffiliated third parties without your consent unless:

  • where it is necessary for opening or maintaining your ClearNow account, for completing transfers or payments within the ClearNow system, or reporting tenant/owner/buyer payment data to credit bureaus;
  • if lawfully required;
  • to furnish information to the appropriate law enforcement authorities when we reasonably believe we have the victim or perpetrator of a crime; or
  • when we are attempting to collect an obligation owed to us.

ClearNow recognizes the importance of security. To the highest extent possible, we safeguard information about you according to established and commercially available security standards and procedures. We assess new, reliable technology and inventions for protecting your information on an ongoing basis.

Protection for Information Exchanged Online
Information exchanged via our Web site is sent in a secured format established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL technology secretly encodes information that is sent over the Internet between your computer and ClearNow.

Evidence for you to determine if your Web browser is using a secure connection include:

  • An icon of a locked padlock located on the bottom right or left side of your browser window; or
  • The URL address begins with "https:" rather than the normal "http:". The "s" indicates a secured connection.

To complement the existing security features that ClearNow has built into its services, we recommend logging out at the end of every session and closing your browser.