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Free and Easy Rental Income & Expense Tracking

Easier and More Powerful than an Excel spreadsheet.

From ClearNow, the Leader in Online Rent Collection since 2000.

Track Everything
  • Designed for landlords
  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Track rental income and expenses effortlessly
  • Search your records with a few keystrokes
Powerful Reports
  • Profit & Loss reports with clickable links for details
  • Schedule E Helper report saves hours during tax time

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What is

A free online service that allows landlords to track rental income and expenses and instantly generate profit & loss and tax (Schedule E Helper) reports.

How much does this cost?

It's free! is brought to you by ClearNow, a service that has helped landlords collect rent electronically since 2000. After using, you may want to upgrade your account to include ClearNow's automatic rent collection. ClearNow's reasonable fees have made rent collection easy and efficient for landlords.

Why should I use

Expensive property management software is overkill for the small landlord - costing more in time and money than it is worth. On the other hand, an Excel spreadsheet isn't nearly powerful enough. is the best of all worlds.
  • Simple to setup
  • FREE
  • Designed for landlords
  • Instant reports that matter (such as profit & loss and the 1040 Schedule E helper)
  • Accessible from your smartphone
  • Backed up by ClearNow's proven online infrastructure (since 2000)
  • Access to ClearNow's superior customer support (Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm ET)

What else does offer?

Through your account, you can access a powerful and hassle-free tenant screening service.
  • FREE to you. Rental applicants pay a $35 fee when they submit their report to you.
  • Designed for landlords - easy to use, no paperwork, no site inspection!
  • A complete report for you - credit score, criminal background check, eviction report, and an easy-to-understand recommendation - delivered to you in seconds!

"Your system works so well that I have not had to use the Customer Support system, however I am certain that if your customer support is as useful as the entire system, it is the best."

- Michael M., El Paso, TX

"I've used them a long time and really like them. They've simplified a very important aspect of my business."

- Terri P., Lake Wylie, SC

"Just wanted to let you know that this is probably the best thing that I ever did for my apartment building."

- Meg F., Chicago, IL

"[Customer Support] has been very helpful everytime I have called for questions."

- Andrea B., Santa Rosa, CA

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